1. We offer tasty traditional  ’Bistro’ style home made food at reasonable prices. All dishes are prepared on the premises by Alan, Zak and the team. Ingredients are locally sourced and supplied where possible and we use free range products when we can. We no longer mention ‘free range’ or other such claims on our menus as the red tape from trading standards takes too much time!

        In line with EU food reg no. 1169/2011 a menu listing allergens in all our dishes is available from the bar. Some dishes can easily be amended to accommodate those intolerant of certain foods. Please ask for guidance as this regulation does not allow for such a common sense approach.

        It is possible that trace elements of foods may be found in dishes due to the nature of home cooked food. Sometimes a gm ingredient may find it’s way to our larder despite our best efforts. If you hold strong religious or ethical opinions on food or are in any way concerned as to the standards we employ it may be better not to risk it! If you are intolerant of certain foods please ask for guidance.

        Our menu changes with the seasons but every Sunday our hugely popular roasts will always be there! We’re happy to cater for all private parties with canapés, buffet or full menu.

        Please do not email to book tables. Call us on 01273 605687.

        Typical weekday & Sunday menus items are;